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O2 Smart Tracking

Better vehicle performance, better business performance.

As part of the O2 Smart Vehicle portfolio, O2 Smart Tracking is a plug and play device that provides real-time data on vehicle diagnostics and driver behaviour to reduce costs.

This latest solution takes vehicle telematics one step further. We now have one of the largest and most comprehensive databases of reverse-engineered motor manufacturer engine codes, and a team dedicated to reverse-engineering these codes. That means the solution can capture information from a wide selection of vehicle makes and models, with absolutely no driver input required.

O2 Smart Tracking gives you
real-time data on:

  • Mileage
  • Engine Diagnostics trouble codes
  • Driver behaviour
  • Vehicle location
  • Fuel and Oil Levels
  • Tyre Condition
  • Battery Status
  • Seat Belt Engagement

One Supplier across the UK and Europe

We offer full connectivity across all UK networks and EU28 European countries where we have roaming agreements. And that’s included within the monthly fixed subscription. We also provide an end-to-end service wrap, covering devices, set-up and in-life support – meaning you don’t have to waste time and effort managing multiple suppliers.

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Company Benefits

You’ll be able to monitor vehicle mileage remotely without driver involvement. You’ll also receive alerts for engine diagnostics fault codes to highlight whether corrective measures need to be taken. We can send you an alert if your vehicle has been involved in an accident, allowing you to contact the driver to arrange recovery and repair.

Improve Safety and Skills

Because you can review driver behaviour, you’ll be in the position to create programmes to improve their safety and skills. Its real-time capability allows you to respond quickly in the case of a breakdown, while our tracking ability allows you to pinpoint exactly where each vehicle is – giving you greater scope for balancing vehicle availability. Smart Tracking’s visibility reduces your operational costs further. You’ll be able to monitor exact fuel levels, plus track maintenance and servicing schedules with greater accuracy, reducing your operational costs further.

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What you get with O2 Smart Tracking

  • Real-time data: fed straight into your business systems or viewed through a web portal
  • End-to-end solution: no more multiple suppliers
  • Engine diagnostics trouble codes: the largest database of reverse-engineered motor manufacturer engine codes
  • Full UK and European coverage: and if a vehicle travels outside this, the solution will save all data and transmit it when back in coverage
  • World-leading technology: including hardware, firmware and software
  • Easy installation: install yourself (or through a specialist)
  • Easy integration: with any platform to build value-added services
  • Best-in-class device: one of the largest telematics deployments in North America*
  • Telefónica telematics track record: over 100,000 units installed worldwide**

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