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Lone Worker

Providing crucial information and timely prompts to lone workers can significantly enhance their performance.

The safety of your workforce should be paramount and looking after lone working mobile workers can be difficult, until now.

The Zest4 Lone Worker is a device which is small enough to be carried on person without distracting or interfering with professional duties. Lone Worker transmits to the Zest4 servers in the same way as all other telematics offerings so we can actually place the whereabouts of each worker on the map alongside assets and vehicles.

Lone Worker goes one stage further and provides a line of communication with base should anyone working in isolation find themselves in trouble. Both SMS and Voice SOS calls to action can be made by the user to a pre-listed emergency contact number. In the event of a worker becoming incapacitated and unable to manually operate the device to initiate contact, an automated ‘man down’ alert will open up communication lines with base once a sudden change of orientation from upright to prone is detected.


Full Specification

GSM / GPRS Features

Quad-band 900/1800 MHz; 850/1900 MHz
GPRS Multi-slot Class 12 (up to 240 kbps)
GPRS Mobile station Class B
SMS (Text/Data)


Bluetooth Specification V3.0
Bluetooth Transceiver compliant with Bluetooth Specification V3.0 for external peripherals:
– Voice Calls Over Bluetooth
– Configuration via Bluetooth- Bluetooth Sensors
Low Energy Bluetooth V4.0
Bluetooth transceiver compliant with Bluetooth specification V4.0 for external peripherals:
– Beacons
– Low power sensors


Tracking: 33/99 acquisition channels
-165 dBM sensitivity
Hot Start < 1s
Warm Start < 25s
Cold Start < 35s
NMEA 183 protocol
Accuracy < 3m


Magnetic USB Cable
2 Configurable Buttons
Built-in Accelerometer / Gyroscope
Internal 800mAh Battery
Internal High Gain GNSS Antenna
Internal High Gain GSM Antenna


Alarm Button
Man-down Detection
Auto Geofencing
50 Manual Geofencing
Over Speeding
GPS Sleep / Deep Sleep / Online Deep Sleep Modes
Action On Call Feature
Two-way Communication Over Bluetooth Headphones
Real Time Tracking
Sending Acquired Data via GPRS (TCP/IP and UDP/IP Protocols)
Smart Algorithm of GPRS Connections for GPRS Traffic Saving
Operating in Roaming Networks by preferred GSM providers list
Events from I/O Elements Detection and Sending via GPRS or SMS
Authorised Numbers
Time Synchronisation over NTP and NITZ
Offline Tracking Mode
SMS/GPRS Requests
Firmware and Configuration Update via Micro USB/FOTA
Configuration Through SMS
Smart Data Acquisition and Power Saving Modes
High Gain Internal GNSS and GSM Antennas
1 RGB Status LED
Dimensions: 44 x 43 x 20mm

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