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Energy Monitoring & Control

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Zest4's innovative and reliable wireless energy monitoring and targeting tools can help to operate a facility in an environmentally responsible way.

Our range of low impact wireless sensors and cellular gateways deliver an easily installed, affordable solution for data collection and energy management.

An efficient solution can be created for any site configuration from the monitoring of single or small groups of meters through to large sites with multiple buildings.

The Zest4 real time online software application offers the opportunity to profile, benchmark and configure thresholds for expected energy consumption. Where thresholds are exceeded the platform generates e-mail/SMS alerts to a user configurable contact set to prompt corrective action.

The Zest4 range of wireless controllers combine local control with remote configuration and monitoring via the provided web interface. All controllers link to the web via the new Zest4 UltraRF M2M GSM Gateway, providing standalone access, independent of the client’s network infrastructure. Our range of digital controllers include single and 4-channel units. All controllers are wireless for quick and easy installation.

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