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Zest4 are able to offer innovative and reliable wireless R F sensors for monitoring a range of conditions that help you to operate your application to meet specific compliance guidelines.

Our range of low impact wireless sensors (calibrated and certified to UKAS standard) and Cellular gateways, deliver an easily installed, affordable solution for data collection and compliance reporting.

The Zest4 real time online software application provides traceability, validation of a conditions and ability to configure thresholds. Where thresholds are exceeded our platform generates alerts to a user configurable contact set to prompt corrective action.

The system provides a range of automated reports with audit-able data and full traceability.

The Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 1995 say that certain foods must be kept at temperatures either below 8°C or above 63°C to make sure they remain safe to eat.

Regular checks are necessary to show that temperatures stay within legal requirements. Manual, detailed temperature monitoring is time-consuming, a poor use of highly-qualified human resources and lacks the requisite accuracy.

Zest4’s monitoring solutions can assist with these guidelines as part of a fully integrated system. By using the real time online monitoring system, users are alerted in advance of a fault occurring before equipment failure.

This saves production time, money and prevents products being spoiled due to increases or decreases in temperature, plus enables collection of all temperatures (and other Critical Control Points) required for MHRA record keeping thus simplifying compliance.

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