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Zest4 Tough Tracker

Zest4 Heavy Duty GPS Tracking & Telematics

Approx. 60 Month Battery Life

Suitable for Trailers / Machinery / Containers etc where No Power Exists

Assets can be ring fenced with automated alerts being set up to notify key personnel the minute an asset leaves an area it shouldn’t. By notifying organisations instantly, when there is the greatest chance of asset recovery, this early warning system is helping protect firms against the potential for accidental loss or theft.

Asset Track can monitor the location of anything contained within or attached to vehicles, including caravans, boats and more.

GPS Tracking Unit
  • Water & Weather Resistant
  • Ruggedized Anti-Tamper Unit
  • On Board Changeable Battery
  • Unit has built in, Internal Cellular & GPS Antennae

Example Features:

  • Full GPS Tracking via PC / Laptop / Tablet / Smartphone & App
  • Full Telematics Reporting
  • Automated Alerts / Voltage / Battery / POI (Point Of Interest) Geo Fencing
  • Automated Alerts / Tamper / Speeding / Speed Threshold / Service / Inspection
  • Live Reports / Automated Scheduled Reports / Historic Reports
  • Approx. 12 Month Battery Life
  • Battery Easy Change
  • Battery Low Alert
  • Configurable Power Saving Modes
  • Configurable Reporting Modes