Wholesale Billing – the benefits of customer ownership

By Rob Foster Over the last 4 to 5 years, we’ve seen some significant shifts in the mobile arena. An increasing number of mobile dealers are moving to a wholesale model, and increasing numbers of fixed, data and IT partners are integrating mobile into their portfolio when previously they would

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Zest4 to Showcase M2M & IoT Solutions for Resellers at Channel Live 2017

Wholesale Unified Communications provider, Zest4, will be demonstrating their expanding range of M2M and IoT solutions for resellers at the brand-new Channel Live event which takes place at the Birmingham NEC in September. Following the formation of a partnership with Arkessa back in 2015, Zest4 have gone on to develop

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Counting down to the end of ISDN2 services – how to help customers move to hosted telephony solutions

By Richard Sheldon Back in August 2015, BT announced that it would be withdrawing ISDN2 services in the UK by 2025, thus encouraging users to move to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony over the following 10 years. With 2 years of that 10-year deadline having already passed by, it’s

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How will the new ‘Roam Like at Home’ legislation affect resellers’ revenue?

The 15th June 2017 saw new legislation come into effect requiring mobile operators to give end users the ability to use their phones in Europe without incurring additional roaming charges. This is a big thumbs up for end-users, but what does it mean for UC resellers and their bottom line?

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Fixed, Dynamic, Private or Public IP Addresses – How to define what your customer needs

By Anton Le Saux – 06/06/2017 One of the most popular topics I get asked about when discussing M2M solutions with Zest4 partners is IP addressing. Whilst most resellers understand what an IP address is, many resellers are not 100% clear on the difference between Fixed, Dynamic, Private and Public

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Why Flexibility is key to Zest4’s success in supporting resellers

Why flexibility is key to Zest4’s success in supporting resellers? By Rob Foster I’m all for moving with the times and embracing new technology – portals, automated processes, simplicity and so on – and in today’s increasingly technological society, these things are all required as a foundation for every business.

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