Managing Director, Zest4

About Me

As Managing Director Zest4 my role is both varied and satisfying; from supporting sales and business development initiatives to managing supplier relationships alongside developing systems and procedures to drive efficiencies to ensuring the highest standards are maintained in customer satisfaction.

We have a wide and varied portfolio at Zest4, dedicated to the channel and committed to providing our partners with the tools they need to service their end customers. As such, I have established working practices which seamlessly take a partner through the journey of Zest4, everything is mapped out to make sure that they receive the support they need.

For the team at Zest4 we have introduced working practices that ensure each person is developed to their best ability, managing their career progression and ensuring they each work with maximum productivity and efficiency, while maintaining a solid track record in staff retention.

Communications is not only my field of expertise, but also my passion, through years of dedication working in this industry I have built a solid understanding of what our partners need, and how we can service them best. Forming strategic partnerships where needed and building relationships to uncover opportunities.

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