eSIM Live Webinar

eSIM for IoT – Industry Applications and Deployment

Thursday 17 June @ 10am
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Install one SIM, one time – and enjoy coverage wherever it’s needed and connectivity that lasts the entire device lifecycle.

Join Anton Le Saux, Head of IoT at Zest4 and Jon Morley, Director of Pre-Sales Engineering at KORE in this follow-up webinar lifting the bonnet and taking a closer look at industry and customer drivers for eSIM, Industry applications, 5 steps of deployment and gain insight into how you can add eSIM to your product portfolio with the support of the Zest4 team.

What will I learn from the webinar?

By now you will be fully in tune with what eSIM has to offer, if not you will be by the end of the webinar. Join us to find out more about the fundamentals of eSIM. The key drivers for customers and the challenges eSIM helps them to overcome. The 5 steps to deployment and key things to think about when moving to eSIM. We will share real use cases, eSIM in action making a difference daily to our partners and their clients. We will also share how simple it is for you to include eSIM in your product portfolio.

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Learn more about eSIM

Deep Dive into eSIM

Zest4 and KORE will share all you need to know about eSIM, what it is, the benefits of it, hear how eSIM can mitigate permanent roaming restrictions and other customer challenges it solves for your customers.

eSIM Use Cases

Real Life Use Cases

Hear how eSIM is working in the real world, the challenges it solves daily. The industries and types of organisations it is being used by and why. 

Deploy eSIM


Deploying eSIM is easy, we will share the 5 steps to deploying eSIM.

Webinar Agenda
1. Overview
2. Customer Drivers
3. Five Steps to Deployment
4. Next Steps
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by the close of 2024.
Meet The Speakers
Anton Le Saux
Anton Le Saux
Head of IoT Sales
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Jon Morley - KORE
Jon Morley
Director, Pre-Sales Engineering
Don’t let eSIM pass you by. You need it, your customers need it and this is your opportunity to work with the experts to deliver it.