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M2M and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Dedicated M2M and IoT support for communications resellers across the UK

There's no denying that M2M and IoT technology offers communications resellers an exciting opportunity for revenue growth. But many independent mobile and fixed line partners that we've spoken to are struggling to find a supplier that can truly support them and provide the expertise that they need.

Zest4 is changing that!

Working with our strategic partner, Arkessa, Zest4 have developed a truly complete M2M and IoT package that's not available anywhere else on the market. The package delivers...

  • Expert M2M and IoT knowledge
  • Technical support
  • Training through the Zest4 Partner Academy
  • Marketing support
  • Optimised tariffs
  • Full managed data capability via online portal
  • Secure connectivity solutions via private APN
  • Static / Fixed Private and Public IP addressing
  • Competitive commercials

Success in selling M2M and IoT is all about choosing the right partner

We understand that M2M and IoT can seem a bit daunting but it's actually not as complicated as you might think. By working with the team at Zest4 and our partners Arkessa, resellers can be assured of the support that they need... at every step of the process.

We've already helped many resellers to uncover M2M and IoT opportunities in their customer base and deliver successful M2M and IoT solutions.

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End-to-end M2M solutions

We've made it our mission to make M2M and IoT as easy as possible for our partners. And one of the ways we're doing that is to develop a range of end-to-end solutions that resellers can pick up and deliver to end-customers.

Vehicle Telematics

Our Smart Vehicle solutions offer real time vehicle telematics, allowing customers to monitor driver behaviour, driver work hours, vehicle location, fuel levels, mechanical condition, and much more, all with no install fees and a low cost of entry.

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In-Vehicle Connectivity

Provide customers with 3G/4G for in-vehicle networking for flexible, scalable, go-anywhere connectivity.

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Temporary Office Solutions

Instant connectivity for businesses where fixed lines aren't available.

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Video Telematics

The future of connected cameras has arrived.

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Smart Sensors

Temperature monitoring and data collection solutions for the food service industry.

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Plug and Play Vehicle Telematics


It all starts in the vehicle. Zest4 Smart Tracker is a small form-factor vehicle tracking device.

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Assett Tracking


Zest4 Asset Trackers have the ability to track individual assets being transported by across the globe.

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Lone Worker


Providing crucial information and timely prompts to lone workers can significantly enhance their performance.

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